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Nathan Gibbs Art

Vader Starburst

Vader Starburst

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Vader fans! This is for you. This amazing holofoil print shows killer reflectivity of his legendary helmet. Then in the background you get red imperial symbol representing his time on Mustafar. Depending on where you look and from what direction you get amazing colors  

This limited edition run of Darth Vader on HoloFoil comes in two sizes. Each size will be limited to a run of 66. Yes, Order 66. You will receive a certificate of authenticity verifying it’s one of the 66 of each size. After that no more can be made. 

Holofoil Paper: The use of rainbow holofoil paper adds a dynamic and eye-catching element to the art prints. This specialty paper is known for its reflective, iridescent, and holographic properties, making the artwork visually striking.

State-of-the-Art Printing Technology: The utilization of a world-class Swiss Q UV flatbed printer ensures high-quality printing, helping to faithfully reproduce the artwork and the unique holofoil paper's characteristics.

Varnish and White Ink: The inclusion of white ink, process printing, and varying layers of varnish is a thoughtful approach to accentuating specific areas of the artwork. This method can add depth, texture, and contrast, enhancing the visual impact of the art.

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