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Nathan Gibbs Art

The Point of No Return

The Point of No Return

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acrylic, wood stain, ink, resin, pencil on wood panel, gloss varnish, framed in various colors of stained redwood strips

This painting attempts to depict how close society is to a dangerous, metaphorical reef where our ship cannot turn itself around from the use of fossil fuels specifically oil. In the painting, you can find things such as oil, Dereks, a lot of black colors, representing the fossil fuel, faces, and an 18th century schooner to represent how we should head back to the old days. 

Workbench monologues is a series of abstract surreal surf art and landscape paintings that often focus on a theme.  That theme could be environmental, personal growth, or any other similar topics. I will hide images within the work such as eyes, animals, or subject matter related to the overall theme. They are very organic and texture heavy. Zoom in and take a closer look at paintings within the paintings and see what there is beyond the obvious.

Almost all original art is painted on wood panel and acrylic paint. It is sealed with a gloss varnish. Some come framed with a simple redwood or pine frame. Frames are optional and can be removed. Others have a epoxy coating for a gloss finish. All original art purchases come with a lifetime trade in guarantee. Contact me for details.


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