The Factory Reject


This depicts the surfer that decides to choose his own path and make a difference in the world. Some might call him a reject for not following all the other sheep. I call him a difference maker. Workbench monologues is a series of abstract surreal surf art and landscape paintings that often focus on a theme. That theme could be environmental, personal growth, or any other similar topics. I will hide images within the work such as eyes, animals, or subject matter related to the overall theme. They are very organic and texture heavy. Zoom in and take a closer look at paintings within the paintings and see what there is beyond the obvious.

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Size Info
approx 24x48
Product Features
Acrylic on Panel, black painted sides coated in high gloss epoxy
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Almost all original art is painted on wood panel and acrylic paint. It is sealed with a gloss varnish. Some come framed with a simple redwood or pine frame. Frames are optional and can be removed. Others have a epoxy coating for a gloss finish. All original art purchases come with a lifetime trade in guarantee. Contact me for details.

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