Smoke and Rain Original


The Edge is a series that invokes Renaissance Period lighting effects, modern lines, colors that bring a mood and serene feel. The eye doesn’t know wether the wave is huge at a distance or small up close.

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Size Info
36" diameter circle
Product Features
Acrylic on panel, gloss varnish, floats off wall approximately 1 inch
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This art was painted on wood originally and depicts surf scenes from around the world. Some are often real, while others are made up from my mind. Let me know if you have any questions on the concept or meaning behind the surf art, I am always happy to discuss my inspirations with you! Original art comes with a lifetime trade in guarantee. At anytime if you wish to return the art to me in original condition, shipping paid by you, you will receive credit (your original purchase amount) towards any other piece. No cash refunds.

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