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Dark and Light
This series painted with acrylic on panel, creates a mood with a dark wave form and lighter foregrounds and backgrounds. I often leave the wood grain showing to give texture and depth to a painting.
Workbench Monologues
These paintings use a collection of my styles. Built upon many overlapping layers, of paint, sawdust, wood stain and other media, these pieces start out on my workbench evolving at random. Eventually I see a theme within the random paint and create a finished product. Many of these have hidden images and environmental themes.
Acrylic on Panel
This is a collection of non specific subject matter ranging from landscapes to portraits in many different styles. Heavy brush strokes, wild colors, and multiple perspectives full this series. Some places are real, other imaginary.
Monochromatic Seas
Choosing tones of the same colors, I create movement. These paintings of seas and waves come in varying sizes and color schemes.
Star Wars Art
A favorite subject matter of mine! I use an impressionistic style to create art based on the science fiction series. Some times I place the characters in locations and situations unique to my mind. Often there is a fun thematic aspect to them.